Grupo Ingenium: Values of the Group

Values of the Grupo Ingenium

The success of the Grupo Ingenium stems mainly from three primary factors:

  • Know how: Over 15 years in the telecommunications sector have given us a very clear perspective on the sector, its evolution and the factors that energise it and push it in any given direction. Over this time, the company has not stopped growing and above all, has not ceased learning.
  • Flexibility: every client is different. With this premise always in mind, and with a high degree of knowledge, we are able to provide high value added solutions which others cannot.
  • Strong R+D: the Group's commitment in this regard is essential for being leaders in a sector like telecommunications, which is constantly evolving and in which the possibilities are endless and life cycles are becoming increasingly shorter. That is why the Group invests 45% of its technical resources in R+D, as shown by the certificates from the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development in 2010, 2013 and 2015.
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