Grupo Ingenium: Shareholders

Grupo Ingenium Shareholders

The shareholders of Grupo Ingenium are local, consisting of 100% Spanish capital, who support the company with their financial contribution, knowledge and experience.

The majority shareholding is owned by the founding partners: Sergio Cano and José Manuel Losada are Telecommunications Engineers who began this professional adventure in 1996 when they founded the first company in the Group, JSC Ingenium, and they remain firmly committed to continued growth and to offering the market cutting edge technology, while always meeting the highest standards in quality, innovation and service.

In 2018, Grupo Ingenium acquired AlineaSol - Alínea Software Solutions, an engineeringcompany that offers the following services for Mobile Operators: BSS, CRM, technical and business consultancy. That same year, the private equity fund Alantra Private Equity Fund III acquired a majority stake in the capital of Grupo Ingenium Tecnología. With this purchase, Alantra reaffirms its commitment to continue investing in new projects with great potential for international growth.