Ingenium Academy

Ingenium Academy is Grupo Ingenium's master training programme. It covers all activities in the Group's various subsidiary companies. Unlike other traditional training, it has been designed based on a theoretical and practical structure, with very short sessions, with the idea of combining it with everyday work, gaining the participants' attention and enabling them to consolidate the most important concepts.

The programme intersperses technical and business sessions so that employees gain a comprehensive overview of their work. It also takes an in-depth look at all the JSC Ingenium technology which has been used for both the company's own clients and those of other brands in the Group, at both a general basic level as well as at a more advanced level.

Ingenium Academy has been devised as part of the company's commitment to its employees, seeking to:

  • achieve a higher level of specialisation at all levels and in all profiles.
  • give the various departments broad knowledge of the workings of the company and their own specific contributions to these workings.
  • make the companies in the Group an ideal place to grow professionally.
  • share all the achievements of the various Group companies and make employees participate in a project that is promising and appealing for any professional.

The Ingenium Academy Programme is open to all employees of the various in the Grupo Ingenium, and has been running for more than two years. The training it provides is updated based on employees' needs, the appearance of new technologies and the demands of the sector.